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My name is Kylie, and this is just a random collection of thoughts, ideas and hilarious pictures/gifs. I'm a recent university graduate, I finished with a journalism degree, so yes, that does mean I'm a bitch about grammar. Feel free to message me any questions, or just tell me how your day's going. I love that shit.
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SERIOUSLY. He’s also about 15+ lbs. Chunky cat parrot.

Parrot cat. 😍😻

(And yes, it is spelled “lustre.” I’m Canadian, dammit.)

Blogging seems to have lost its hold on me. I’ve written about this before (and recently!), but the longer I go without posting, the less I miss this medium of writing.

It’s been a long month. A…

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Today feels weird. Obvious solution? #psl

I was making turkey bacon and he really, really wanted some.

❤️ that Alberta sky. #yyc

It’s that time of the year! Hocus Pocus with the awesome @c_kayak tonight. This came out 20 years ago, omg.

Beautiful fall day walk with the lovely @canadiah and her super beagle. #loveautumn

Go Flames!

Our newest, and only proper, cat. The other two want nothing to do with boxes. Blasphemous!

My new favourite near-work pub. Due in large part to the logo on the door.

Beautiful sunrise this morning! Saw it all on the drive back from #cochrane after my 7:30 (ick) ortho appointment.

Thanks, braces, for making it very difficult to keep my mouth shut (haha). But otherwise, I think I look cute today 😘🎀

These guys are so damn cute.